Residential Real Estate Services

Thinking of buying or selling? We can provide you with a strategy tailored to you and the current market. Quality over quantity with a detail oriented approach centred in customer service, will achieve your property goals.

Buyer Consultation

I want to look for a home, what’s next?

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You are ready to shop for real estate, or even just thinking about it? Look no further, we can give you guidance to the next steps of home ownership. Usually financing is the first step and we can direct you to outstanding mortgage professionals. We will explain the current market situation and provide strategies for you to be successful on your adventure! With a zero pressure approach and a personal understanding of how important this major transaction is, you will have all the time you need to achieve your goals.

Property Viewings

Ready to go shopping?  We would be happy to assist you!

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Ready to view properties? We would be happy to show properties. A flexible schedule with evening and weekends available means you won’t miss out on that tour. Single or multiple showings are available, let’s make a day of it! Strategies to be a successful buyer are also available along with a keen eye for quality property. Online tours available for clients.

Comparative Market Analysis

What can I sell my property for in today’s market?

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An in-depth market analysis of your property, to provide you with a range of what we believe your home can sell for in the current market. This includes a tour of your property to fully understand potential features and value of your home, comparing several recently sold homes in your area, and analyzing current listings in your area. This will provide you with the best information possible to make sure you realize the value of your home, while staying competitive in the market. Remember, a market analysis does not replace an appraisal by a licensed appraiser and vice versa. And no matter who you hire the decisions are yours to make, but a good agent will be able to walk you through the analysis.

Listing Appointment

Ready to sell?  Let us provide you a strategy to maximize your return!

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Schedule a listing appointment and let’s get started on your real estate journey! I will provide a strategic plan to maximize the marketability of your property, making sure you get the best possible outcome. Together we’ll create a plan to make your property stand out from the competition and get it sold quickly. During this appointment, we’ll plan together to get your home ready for sale. I’ll provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the local market and pricing trends to make sure you get the best price for your home.

Strategy For Success

The idea of selling your home rests on the desire to achieve its full potential on the open market.  Our marketing strategy is designed to do just that.


From seasonality to days of the week, it all makes a difference. We can walk you through these nuances of timing while incorporating your own circumstances to maximize demand.


Grab attention with professional videography. Videos like this example here are perfect for bringing in first views and attention from many different platforms. Why isn’t the video full screen?  Because statistics show mobile devices are leading the way in content consumption!


Quality photography from trained professionals will probably never go out of style. It remains at the core of your listing for all types of potential buyers.  Every picture tells a story, let’s make it intriguing.

Floor Plans

Not everyone thrives on videos. There are analytical minds that prefer floor plans and planners that love to see the dimensions of a room, to envision the flow of a house in their mind. Floor plans help to fully communicate the layout of the home. A majority of buyers are analyzing data before even considering a showing, so why not maximize the flow of information to the reach as many buyers as possible.


Adding in technological features can take your listing from average to soaring above the competition.  Drone photos and aerial videography can give an edge when showcasing your property and nearby surroundings.  An interactive  360 degree tour also adds another layer to the presentation of your sale.  These elements give potential buyers even more reasons to book a showing!

Open House

We always recommend scheduling an open house on your listing.  We are here to work for you and use every tool available to have the largest reach to every potential consumer.  In today’s busy world a successful open house event needs to be well planned.

Get Social

Using social media can sometimes provide surprising results! Another avenue to reach people, using engaging content to feature your product. The sphere of influence as a licensed REALTOR can also present opportunities for clients.