Adam Terlecki, Calgary REALTOR



Born and raised in Calgary, I bring over two decades of experience from the construction industry, encompassing everything from deep utilities to successfully managing my contracting business. My career has consistently revolved around homes, reflecting my profound appreciation for them. Quality and unwavering commitment to customer service have been my guiding principles, as I firmly believe that genuine customer service resides in the finer details. Recently, I made the decision to join Real Estate Professionals Inc. (REP Inc.), drawn by two compelling reasons.  


I’ve dedicated over 20 years to the construction industry, focusing on homes and emphasizing quality and customer service in every aspect. I’m now proud to be part of Real Estate Professionals Inc. for two key reasons: their sterling reputation and resources, and the opportunity to serve as an independent agent. I firmly believe in the importance of personal connections, preventing details from slipping through the cracks, and building long-lasting customer relationships. Every client deserves a truly customized service experience.

My personal experience as a real estate client, including buying, selling, and renting properties, equips me with the knowledge and insight necessary for substantial transactions. I’m committed to offering an individualized service experience, recognizing that you are not just a statistic, but a unique individual with distinct needs.


Having resided in various quadrants of Calgary and worked throughout the city and its surrounding towns, I’ve gained an intimate familiarity with the local real estate landscape. Beyond my professional life, I’m a devoted family man, contributing to the upbringing of a loving family. As a parent, I understand firsthand how critical the right property or community can be in shaping your family’s happiness and future. It’s the details that truly make a difference in helping you stay in love with your home.

Please feel free to reach out to me, and together, we can craft a tailored strategy to meet your unique real estate goals. Your aspirations are my priority.